Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Leisurely Friday Afternoon Part I Roman Civil War

Yesterday I  introduced Anthony to the world of DBA. It was an opportunity for me to display some of my miniatures and to actually get them out onto the kitchen table, I mean into the Fields of Battle. We played three games over a leisurely Friday afternoon. 

The first match was a West meets East Roman Civil War. Anthony commanded the western conference and I, the eastern. Our armies were fairly evenly matched. having both selected our troops from The Middle Imperial Roman Armies lists II/64. The west was the visiting team wearing the blue jerseys. My men were mainly dressed in green

  Antonius, C-in-C West, as he awaits the outcome of the Cavalry Battle.

Army of the West: 1x3Cv (Gen), 1x3Cv, 1x2LH, 1x3Bd, 3x4Bd, 4x4Aux, 1xArt
Army of the East. 1x3Cv (Gen), 1x4Kn, 2x2LH, 1x3Bd, 3x4Bd, 3x4Aux, 1x4Bw

Eastern Claimant with Bodyguard and Screening Force

LH close with enemy Artillery while Kns wait to charge Cv

The terrain was a 3 foot x  3 foot battleground. A river ran from the north to the south, near the centre of the board. A road traversed the battlefield east-west, with a stone bridge crossing the river. Orchards were located in both the NE and NW quarters while a steep hill was situated in the SW quadrant.

Battlefield: Looking North

I sat up in the south. My camp near the eastern river bank. My general and the cavalry located on the west side of the river but east of the hill.  My infantry was formed in two ranks on the river's east bank. In the first rank, the Bow was on the  left and three elements of Aux stretched in line to the east. The second rank of troops was 4 elements of Blades, with the 3Bd element positioned behind the Bow.  The two ranks were separated by 100 paces.

 Western Arty destroyed along with one Eastern LH

In response to my sit-up Anthony placed his General and Cavalry, along with his Artillery on the west side of the river to face off against my Cavalry wing. His Blades were in a column of march, on the eastern riverbank, with the Aux troops stung out in a line, through the orchard in the NE quadrant of the battlefield. He had one element of Aux in a 2nd rank. Antonius then commenced his advance.  On the western side of the battlefield his advance was limited by the speed of his artillery. In the east, Anthony kept the Aux dressed in line with the slower moving Blades.

Eastern Bowmen fall behind in the advance, but Aux hit Aux. 
Western Blades have overlap.
Eastern Blades seen entering the bottom of the photo

I advanced my Troops. I planned to use my LH to screen my General and Knights from the ranged Artillery fire. On the east side of the river, my Aux quickly outdistanced my Bow and the followup Blades. Our Infantry clashed near the centre of the board fighting over the road. I soon lost two of my Aux Elements but fortunately my Blades arrived in time to fill the empty sectors of the line. In addition I had overlapped his eastern most element. With a little luck I was able to push Anthony back while destroying his Aux elements.

Eastern Blades take position in the front Rank. 
Western Aux are pushed back before breaking.
No Room for the western Blades to expand into line

On the western side of the river I was able to charge my LH forward, getting into close combat with his LH and Artillery. My Knights closed the distance with his Cav and my General held back to manage the battle and to be a mobile reserve if needed. He was not needed. In the final round of combat The west lost his third Aux Element. With the destroyed Artillery unit it was enough to give Victory to the East, which had lost three elements (one LH and two Aux).

Eastern C-in-C, now Emperor surveys the carnage. 

It was now time to take a break for lunch. Two more games were to follow in the afternoon. The Later Crusaders (IV/17) will face off against the Seljuk Turks (III/73). Those tales are yet to be recorded.

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