Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Captain’s Bed and Breakfast

 In August I was fortunate to have two honoured guests, spend the day and the night at the Captain’s B&B.  Both Les and Ross wrote of their experiences on their own blogs and about the games that we played.  Les was in town to deposit his eldest son who would be starting university in September. Ross Mac was along for the ride, and I imagine, keeping Les awake on the ride back. My experience is the trip usually takes between 12 and 13 hours between Halifax and Montreal by automobile. The Maritimes were being battered by a Hurricane when my guests arrived, but it had passed when they hit the road next day.

We began with a couple of games of Wings of War. I have a deluxe copy of the game, the deluxe version françias. Between the three of us, we were able to figure out most of the rules. I completed my cour de francization the previous November. We fought a number of duels, with Les and Ross each flying one plane, and I in the air with two. After separate clashes, honour was satisfied on all sides.

Our second game of the day was a Euro game called TransAmerica. This is a very easy to play board game, that requires you to connect your rail network to a major city in each of five regions of the United States. The cities are chosen at random, by drawing a card. You show your cards when you declare all of your cities connected. Points are allocated based upon how many sections of track you are away from completing your network. Tracks are laid point to point, and unlike many games that use a crayon marker, Trans America uses wooden rails. One rail for most sections of track, two rails for difficult terrain, such as mountains or major rivers. The rail network is used by all the payers to determine if your cities are connected. The game forces a conclusion normally after just three rounds of play. The person with the least points wins. We got two games played within about 90 minutes. Supper was a called in pizza. 

The final games of the day were two battles of Hordes of the Things.  Ross and I sallied forth as a generic Undead, while Les countered using my Burgundians, as an Arthurian army,