Friday, April 29, 2011

A Leisurely Friday Afternoon Part II Seljuk Turks vs Later Crusaders

It has been a busy month and I am long overdue with the 2nd part of this posting. Blame the weather, blame the Canadian election, or better yet blame the Canadian tax filing date. It has been a busy month. Today was the first day in almost two weeks that I didn't have some tax related function that I had to fulfill.

Anthony and I met so I could introduce him to DBA the last Friday in March. Our first battle was a Roman Civil War after which we stopped for lunch. For our second dust up we looked for some medieval inspiration and decided to do a Crusader Game. I suggested we play with a Later Crusader (IV/17) Army and the Seljuk Turks (III/73). I forget the method used to pick sides but I ended up with the Crusaders.

We fought the game beside of a waterway. which ran along the western table edge. The northern two quadrants each had rough going and the southern quadrants had a gentle hill in the east and an oasis with palm trees in the west. I rolled a 1 for a total aggression of 2. The Seljuk Turks have natural aggression of 3, so he didn't even bother to roll. He was the invader. Anthony's army entered from the north, which was the table edge he wanted. My forces established their camp in the south.

Armies In there Initial Positions viewed from the West
(Transport Cases in background)

Later Crusader (IV/17 Ag 1)
1x 3 Kn (Gen) Non Hospitaller
2 x 3 Kn (A chance to use  my Knights of the Order of Saint John the Hospitaller)*
1 x 3 Cv or 3 Kn (I choose an 3rd Hospitaller Kn element)
5 x 4 Sp ( represented by Halberders with one Element assigned to guard the camp)
2 x 4 CB (I used LB)

Seljuk Turks (III/73 Ag 3)
1 x 3 Cv (Gen)
1 x 3 Cv or 2 LH (Anthony choose a 2nd Cv Element)
8 x 2 LH (A chance to exercise Jef's Hun's)**
1 x 2 Ps or 3 Bw or 3 Aux or 2 LH (3Bw Chosen) and the same choices repeated
1 x 2 Ps or 3 Bw or 3 Aux or 2 LH (3Bw Chosen again)

** See Captain's Blog

Anthony go off to a slow start and kept his forces intact. I was lucky with my pips and rapidly advanced in three battles.

After two more bounds Anthony rushed his light horse forward into my knights. Units on both sides had remained out of bow range to this point. My spear had grabbed the high ground and I was feeling confident with my position. My spear would defeat the light horse they faced and could move to protect my right flank. My bow were positioned to guard the left flank and were safely positioned in rough terrain.

Anthony's General and BG, and bow held back on his right flank. My general was in the forefront of the battle but I was overlapped.

Oh how the mighty fall. Tactical lessons are forgotten and one of the beauties of DBA is the rock, paper, scissors aspect of the game. Knights are quick killed by Light Horse. My General and another Knight Element fall to superior numbers. Even though I had a +4 tactical factor to a  +2 for Anthony's Light Horse, God was not with me. Death and disaster are risks one takes when leading from the front.

After the initial meeting it was all over but the crying as my general and another element of knights  were blown away with no loss to the enemy. Below the remaining knights look in disbelief at the horde that will wash over them.

A Leisurely Friday Afternoon Part III

It was about 3:00PM and we decided to play one more battle. In order to save time we would use the same two armies but change the look of the battlefield.

Once Again Armies In there Initial Positions viewed from the West

Both Armies Advance, but it looks like the Seljuk Turks will be able to grab the high ground and the better tactical position before the Crusaders.

 Seljuks and Crusaders Battle for Control of the Hill Crest.

Suddenly Two Elements of Light Horse are Destroyed

The Seljuk BG (L) and Gen (R) slam into the Crusader General (L) and BG (R)

 The Battle Ebbs Back and Forth. Both Generals Recoil

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!!!

Two More Seljuk Elements are Destroyed (a 3Cv and a 2LH) for a total of four Elements.
The Crusaders lost a 3Kn in the Battle for the Hilltop.
Proclaim the singing of Non nobis throughout our Host

It was about 4:00 and the day was done. I was able to get some of my miniatures in action and I hoped that Anthony enjoyed his introduction to DBA I re-staged the battles about a week after we fought. I used the photos I took at the time and a couple of quick notes to set the stage. I hope I got it right.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Twilight Struggle Tournament

Last night I was eliminated  from the local Twilight Struggle Tournament quarter finals. Marc and I  played our match on-line during the great Canadian Leader's debate of 2011.

I drew the USA and suffered in the first two turns from a lack of high ops cards. I received  a mix of mostly 1 and 2 point US/USSR  operational cards. Marc fared  far better than I at the draw. He held the Aisa Scoring card in the first turn and since I had played the CIA I knew it was coming but I decided to try to prepare for Middle East or Europe Scoring. I received Middle East Scoring in turn two but I was not able to benefit from it. We both had presence. By the 3rd turn I was far behind in all regions.

I only won one of my war card, coup, or realignment rolls. In turn 4 I was forced to play Europe Scoring and as hard as I tried I could not break Marc's domination of the continent. It put him over the top. I started off in a poor position and was not able to recover.

Marc will play in the semi-finals on Saturday as part of the following event. Marc is the organizer of the event but not the local Twilight Struggle Tournament.

Stack Académie 2011 - Du 15 au 17 avril 2011