Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Twilight Struggle Tournament

Last night I was eliminated  from the local Twilight Struggle Tournament quarter finals. Marc and I  played our match on-line during the great Canadian Leader's debate of 2011.

I drew the USA and suffered in the first two turns from a lack of high ops cards. I received  a mix of mostly 1 and 2 point US/USSR  operational cards. Marc fared  far better than I at the draw. He held the Aisa Scoring card in the first turn and since I had played the CIA I knew it was coming but I decided to try to prepare for Middle East or Europe Scoring. I received Middle East Scoring in turn two but I was not able to benefit from it. We both had presence. By the 3rd turn I was far behind in all regions.

I only won one of my war card, coup, or realignment rolls. In turn 4 I was forced to play Europe Scoring and as hard as I tried I could not break Marc's domination of the continent. It put him over the top. I started off in a poor position and was not able to recover.

Marc will play in the semi-finals on Saturday as part of the following event. Marc is the organizer of the event but not the local Twilight Struggle Tournament.

Stack Académie 2011 - Du 15 au 17 avril 2011

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