Friday, March 25, 2011

Form 540: What's in a name?

"Each RAF squadron compiles a daily diary of events known as the RAF Form 540. These documents give a facinating insight into the highs (and lows) of squadron life from the very earliest days of the Royal Air Force.."

The quote was copied from  The Battle of Britain - Home Page.

Since November of last year I have lead an active gaming life in Montreal. It has taken me over 12 years to achieve, and I have to thank the on-line organizing company of Meetup. I have been a member of  the Montreal Cribbage Meetup Group for over  2 years. There were a number of RPG and Warhammer groups locally but that really didn't grab my interest. Finally  the Montreal Wargamers Meetup Group was formed. I became a member and met some fellow travelers.

I have since expanded my network through the Montreal Boardgames Meetup Group (Yahoo Groups) and Stack Académie ( Consimworld Forums) . I have played more wargames in the past four months than I have played in the previous 12 years of living in Montreal. I 've had the opportunity to try out some new games, play some old favorites, and help play test a new product. I have engaged the enemy in Panzergruppe Guderian, World War One, Battle for Germany, War of the Ring (Fantasy  Flight Games), Combat Commander: Europe,  Paths of Glory, Twilight Struggle, and even Settlers of Catan.

Stack Academie is planning a three day game fest in Montreal the weekend of April 15-17. I am currently one of 16 participants of a Twilight Struggle Tournament being run by one of the members of the Montreal Boardgames Group. The final has been scheduled to take place during the Stack Académie Con, as Jason Matthews, one of the designers of Twilight Struggle will be in attendance. Currently I am still in the first round of my group. I am one for one with my third and final game scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

Today I played my first miniature games with one of my newly acquired wargaming buddies.

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